Claridge Residence

Weston, MA

The design of this residence, a modified butterfly plan, was driven by the client's desire to accommodate a large program on the relatively small buildable area of the site. The scale of the entry courtyard is reduced in relation to other parts of the house by one-story eaves. The house is set into a slope, forming an amphitheater-like exterior room between its south side and the edge of the formal lawn. All rooms are off single-loaded hallways maximizing daylight and views. The formal section of the house is served by a limestone stairway located in a double-height hall. More private areas are accessed by a spiral stair that wraps a three-story drum, bringing in daylight through an oculus and clerestory window. The exterior of the house is clad in Dolomitic limestone from central Minnesota and buff-colored stucco. the graduated rood is mottled purple-green Vermont slate.

Photographer: Brian Vanden Brink
Contractor: Thoughtforms Corporation
Designer: Bierly Drake/Anthony Catalfano
Other Credits: Morgan Wheelock Landscape Architecture