Coastal Character Elegant Homes

Elegant Homes

Fall/Winter 2010 - Sutton, Linda. "Coastal Character."

Catalano Architects Boston Globe Feature

Boston Globe Magazine

January 2010 - Gehrman, Elizabeth. "Coming Home."

February 2006 - Sutton, Tina. "The Tone Sets the Tone."

May 2000 - Howley, Kathleen. "Double the Pleasure."

March 1996 - Bermar, Amy. "Architects Called Upon to Add Sales Appeal."


Cape Cod Home Feature

Cape Cod & Islands Home

Holiday 2009 - Grauerholz, Mary. "From Counters to Cookers."

Holiday 2006 - "Strokes of Brilliance."

Summer 2007 - O'Brien, Greg. "Pleasant Surprises." 

Spring 2007 - "Vanity Fair."

Annual 2002 - Strohm, Kimberlee. "All the Comforts of Home."

Cape Cod Summer Home Design New England

Design New England

July/Aug 2009 - Connors, Jill. "At the Water's Edge: A Summer House on Cape Cod's Southern Shore Recalls the Grand Estates of a Bygone Era."

Nov/Dec 2008 - Cole, Regina. "Learning Curve."

Beautiful New Homes

Better Homes & Gardens' Beautiful New Homes

Summer 2009 - Keith, Todd. "Second Chance."

Fall 2002 - Sinnett, Molly Reid. "Traditional Light."

Fine Homebuilding Kitchens & Baths

Fine Homebuilding Kitchens & Baths

Fall/Winter 2007 - "Design Gallery: Add a Booth...and Slip Into Something More Comfortable Everyday."

Upscale Living Magazine

Upscale Living Magazine

Winter 2007 - Oberoi, Michele. "A Taste of the Good Life."

Simply Stylish Dream Kitchens

Dream Kitchens

2006, Vol. 3 No. 1 - "Simply Stylish."

Custom Home Shingle Style

Custom Home

Jan/Feb 2003 - "Intelligence Gathering".

Sept/Oct 1996 - "Sweeping Shingle."

Children's Library Feature Home Magazine

Home Magazine

Sept 2002 - Saxon, Henry. "New England Water Color."

Apr 2002 - Kleinman, Susan. "Building on Tradition."

Sept 2001 - Winzenried, Rebecca. "The Children's Library."