July 3, 2018
"God is in the details" - Mies van der Rohe, architect (1886-1969)Carefully planned and finely executed design details can take a project to the next level, eliciting true delight from those experiencing the final project. Whenever possible,... READ MORE
June 13, 2018
Our firm recently prepared a design proposal for a Back Bay office renovation for a product development firm. Our design strategy focused on creating as much volume as possible within the existing small office.Our design calls for removing the... READ MORE
May 2, 2018
Earlier today, we had the pleasure of attending a seasonal cooking demonstration and tasting led by one of our clients – local home cook and healthy-eating guru Iris Garabedian Louis. In just an hour, Louis showed us how to prepare three simple... READ MORE
May 1, 2018
When we begin the design process with new clients, our first job is to listen to their goals, needs, and wants for their project. This might include space for a growing family, a certain design aesthetic, or something specific like charging... READ MORE
April 11, 2018
Boston Design Week continues through the end of this week, and for those not already familiar with the event, we encourage you to take a closer look. This city-wide event was created “to increase public awareness and appreciation of all aspects... READ MORE
March 20, 2018
Get an exclusive look inside this Dover, MA home designed by Catalano Architects in 2000. The home is currently for sale, and the realtors have put together a promotional video that includes still and dynamic footage of the home’s interior and... READ MORE
March 7, 2018
Catalano Architects has partnered with Howland Company for the construction of a new shingle style, oceanfront home overlooking Buzzard’s Bay. The finished project will feature a thoughtfully designed main house customized to the client’s love... READ MORE
February 1, 2018
If you are a starting to think about, or have begun planning, your next home or renovation and one of your goals is for the building to be sustainable, then here are some helpful tools for figuring out how to define and achieve your goal of... READ MORE
January 9, 2018
Photography is an important part of our firm's portfolio, and we make an effort to document finished projects whenever possible. Over the years Catalano Architects has worked with some amazing photographers who have outlined key considerations for... READ MORE